sexta-feira, abril 18, 2014

E esta, hein?

«Carlos Queiroz, another of my n.o 2s, was brilliant. Just brilliant. Outstanding. An intelligent, meticulous man. The recommendation to hire him came from Andy Roxburgh, at a time when we were beginning to look at more southern-hemisphere players and perhaps needed a coach from beyond the northern european nations, and one who could speak another language or two. Andy was quite clear. Carlos was outstanding. He had coached South Africa, so I called Quinton Fortune one day for his opinion. “Fantastic”, said Quinton. “To what level, do you think?” “Any”, said Quinton. (…)
When Carlos came over to England in 2002 to speak to us, I was waiting for him in my tracksuit. Carlos was immacutalely dressed. He has that suaveness about him. He was so impressive that I offered him the job right away. He was the closest you can be to being the Manchester United manager without actually holding the title. He took responsability for a lot of issues that he didn’t have to get involved in (…)
Of all the ones who worked alongside me, he was the best, no doubt about that. He was totally straight. He would walk in and tell you directly: I'm not happy with this or that. He was good for me. He was a Rottweiler. He'd stride into my office and tell me we needed to get something done.» (Pages 41-42)

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